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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
af Activision
Activision - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars The Strogg, a set of evil extraterrestrial entities, have descended on Earth, and now it's your duty to defeat these menacing forces before they capture your planet for keeps. On land, sea and air, they seek to fight and establish defense structures and systems that will render you and your teammates hopelessly hapless. You will have to think quickly and develop tactics and strategies to stop them dead in their tracks or face the possibility of an all-out overtaking.

QUAKE Wars combines the fast-paced action of a shooter with the skill of a strategy game to provide an amazing online gaming experience. Choose to play as two distinct armies, the Strogg or the Global Defense Forces, and use their specific abilities to your advantage. Gameplay contains a wide array of vehicles, weapons and fighter classes that allow you to assail opposing forces, and you can build experience and earn promotions to gain new capabilities that will ensure your team's victory. The open-ended format of the game allows for improvised battle sequences with over a square mile of tough terrain, all rendered with realistic graphics thanks to MegaTexture technology.